Welcome To S.A.I

We are a United Kingdom based company and for the past six months we have been working to develop a Scrypt ASIC miner that not only is cost effective but also manageable in terms of size.

We have registered and brought our website online as we have finally achieved this.

Right now we are in the process of building the units and registering with Bitpay.

The difference with our company is that there are no pre-orders, just straight up orders dispatched within 28 days.

We look forward to doing business with you.


SAI Unit 1 On Hold Due To QA Testing But Unit 1 Mini Prototype Ready.

The QA team have informed us that the unit would need to be much larger to give us the hash power that we were hoping for.

Our main goal is to reduce in size the scrypt miner, which at the moment is normally done with a regular high end PC, we want a smaller and dedicated device.

In the mean time we have pushed forward with a new product, the SAI Unit 1 (Mini).

This unit will be much smaller in size, still deliver a hashing punch and of course be much cheaper.

We have just completed the first prototype of the Unit 1 Mini and are willing to test it on a pool and coin of your choice, this will be a test phase and the hashraste might fluctuate at times, as we increase/decease power imput on the fly and the ASIC to Scrypt conversion process.




We will show images and a full video if we can of it hashing on the pool and of course you will see it on the pool.

Please comment on our forum which pool and which coin please, so we can all be looking at the same place.

Thank you.


Inside The S.A.I Unit 1

As you can see we use motherboard parts that have already been developed for regular PC use but then configure them to our specifications.

The unit itself requires a sizeable amount of memory, space for the ASIC chips (Not many are needed) and then multiple slots for our stripped down GPU’s.

Our main development was the conversion process to bring the SHA-256 ASIC chips to work with our modified GPU’s.

This part of the technology is not going to be disclosed until we start shipping the first batch.

We just thought you might like to see what is going to be the basics inside the coolmaster case.

Scrypt Miner

More S.I.A Unit One Technical Specifications

We are keeping the boards and the design under wraps.

The main way we got this unit was to create a hybrid miner rig, where it has stripped down bare bones, GPU’s working in tandem with the ASIC chips and with a conversation process to get the hash requirements that we wanted.

The on board memory is developed to handle the extreme memory requirements of the Scrypt Algorithm, working together with the GPU’s and then ending up with the final stage the conversion with the ASIC chips.

The reason we only need a 500 Watt power supply is that the GPU’s are striped back and underclocked and that the main reason, we use them to kickstart the conversion process but do not rely on them for the actual mining.
The price of out first batch of units has been added to the information page and shipping is included for all, UK purchases will have that shipping charge reduced.

More updates to follow.


Welcome To Scrypt ASIC International

We have kept ourselves out of the spotlight for the past 6 months and during this time we have been busy researching, designing and testing our dedicated Scrypt miners.

The reason for this is due to competition and for the time being we want to keep our designs and prototype within the company, as we have spent so long working on it we don’t want another company to acquire it and skip the hard working part.

We will be adding an information page explaining more into what we have achieved with the unit and the hashing operating speeds it is capable of.

There is going to be only one Scrypt mining unit currently available for order and it will be using the standard Crypto mining case featured on our website.

Orders will be up and running as soon as Bitpay.com authorises us to take Bitcoin payments.

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