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SAI Unit 1 On Hold Due To QA Testing But Unit 1 Mini Prototype Ready.

The QA team have informed us that the unit would need to be much larger to give us the hash power that we were hoping for. Our main goal is to reduce in size the scrypt miner, which at the moment is normally done with a regular high end PC, we want a smaller and […]

Inside The S.A.I Unit 1

As you can see we use motherboard parts that have already been developed for regular PC use but then configure them to our specifications. The unit itself requires a sizeable amount of memory, space for the ASIC chips (Not many are needed) and then multiple slots for our stripped down GPU’s. Our main development was […]

More S.I.A Unit One Technical Specifications

We are keeping the boards and the design under wraps. The main way we got this unit was to create a hybrid miner rig, where it has stripped down bare bones, GPU’s working in tandem with the ASIC chips and with a conversation process to get the hash requirements that we wanted. The on board […]

Welcome To Scrypt ASIC International

We have kept ourselves out of the spotlight for the past 6 months and during this time we have been busy researching, designing and testing our dedicated Scrypt miners. The reason for this is due to competition and for the time being we want to keep our designs and prototype within the company, as we […]

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