Unit 1 Mini Prototype Ready.

The QA team have informed us that the unit would need to be much larger to give us the hash power that we were hoping for.

Our main goal is to reduce in size the scrypt miner, which at the moment is normally done with a regular high end PC, we want a smaller and dedicated device.

In the mean time we have pushed forward with a new product, the SAI Unit 1 (Mini).

This unit will be much smaller in size, still deliver a hashing punch and of course be much cheaper.

We have just completed the first prototype of the Unit 1 Mini and are willing to test it on a pool and coin of your choice, this will be a test phase and the hashraste might fluctuate at times, as we increase/decease power imput on the fly and the ASIC to Scrypt conversion process.

We will show images of it solo hashing using CGminer on our own internal testing coin.

Thank you.

Scott Davenro

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