The Unit 1 First Build

Here is a photo’s taken of the first completed Unit 1 build.

As you can see it appears to have a standard GPU installed but the BIOS on it has been flashed and it is only used as part of the ASIC to Scrypt conversion.

It is this conversion technology that has enabled us to create a miner with the same kind of hashing power of a SHA-256 ASIC but for use on Scrypt based coins.

The CGminer screenshot might look different in terms of the figures it is producing but that is a result of the conversion process. The unit during testing was solo mining our internal test coin and as you can see reaches the 50,000 KH/s hashing target.

We are aiming to release the first batch of 25 Unit 1 Scrypt ASIC’s in two months with a price of £1500 per unit which includes worldwide shipping.

Scrypt ASIC Unit 1


Scrypt ASIC Unit 1 Side

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