Unit 1 Scrypt Miner PCB Layout And Redesign

At the same time as our main Unit 1 project has been running we still had two specialists working in our research and development department who were given the task of improving the whole Unit 1 and Unit 1 Mini design right down to the PCB.

Our current prototype Unit, that was about to move to the production line and that used our conversion technology from a GPU is now going to be completely replaced with the development of a custom PCB and ASIC specific chip.

We are still on target to have batch 1 released for sale at the two month deadline but the Unit 1 will now hash at the reduced rate of 25,000 KH/s.

We know that this will disappoint the current shareholders and everyone that is interested in our products but with the hashing speed reduction also comes a price reduction in proportion to the drop, which as you can see is 50%.

From tomorrow (Monday 21st October) we will begin the development of the new Unit 1 miner and will then go straight from development to production while being monitored by our QA team.

We have had a lot of emails asking why don’t we mine on a pool to prove its hashing speed but we do not feel that this is fair to have to choose a particular Scrypt coin to mine, we want to keep everything neutral and fair.

Just to make the purchase process clear on Batch 1 release day, 25 Unit 1′s will be available for purchase but only one Unit 1 per customer and this will be closely monitored.

We care about the Crypto-Community and respect the effort that developers put into their coin creations so we need to be responsible with the distribution of hashing power, so that is why we are selling in small batches and only one unit per customer.

For those of you who are interested in PCB schematics we have included the new Unit 1′s at the bottom of this post.


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