Own Shares In SAI

At this moment in time there will be no reserves or pre-orders for the Unit 1′s. It will be a straightforward sale of 25 Unit 1′s on the day of Batch 1′s release in two months.

We will not be mining any coin ourselves and we only use an internal testing coin for our miners.

We are on Cryptostocks.com under the tag SAI and the money raised from the shares will go to the development of a mini version of the Unit 1 and may also go toward a separate FPGA Scrypt program.

We have already paid out two dividends and they were only based on a days profit, as we do get extra funding from our partners including sponsorships.

We will be paying another dividend a week from our last payment.

So if you want to own shares in our company and get paid dividends, that is the place to go until be release the Unit 1 (Batch 1) in two months time.

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