Redesigned Unit 1 Development On Schedule

We would first like to answer the few emails that we have had asking why the reduction in hash rate and the simple answer is that the previous design would not work out cost effective due to the power requirements.

The redesigned Unit 1 will use far less power but still give a great overall hashing speed and will also mean the miner will be a lot smaller.

The coolmaster is now gone and is being replaced by a custom case designed to fit the new PCB layout.

As we have mentioned before the price of the Unit 1 has now dropped from £1500 to £800 to match the reduced total hash per second.

Once we have built our first prototype Unit 1, we will again solo mine it on our internal test only coin, using either CGminer/Reaper or our own mining software, currently under development.

We are going to be registering a You Tube channel, where we are going to upload footage of our new Unit 1 actually mining once we have the first one out of the production line.

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