Scrypt ASIC Miner Specifications

The details of the actual schematics and how we have designed our boards are not going to be released due to the amount of time and money we have spent on researching and developing them.

We are however going to give you the typical hashing speed of our unit and its power requirements.

S.A.I Unit 1 – 50,000 Kh/s typical speed.

Price : £1500 + Delivery charges – For international deliveries you may be subjected to customs tax charges.

At the current Litecoin difficulty this unit with have “broken even” within two weeks of mining.

In built 500 Watt PSU due to the increased power supply demands mining using the scrypt algorithm.

The unit works up to specifications and was tested with CGminer using Litecoin, Novacoin and Feathercoin. We chose to test on high global hash rate coins, so not to effect the difficulty too much.

The unit itself in size is standard for the coolmaster case with a total unit weight of 9 KG’s for the S.A.I Unit one.

The reason the unit is larger than SHA-256 ASIC miners is simply the technology and power requirements involved.

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